Flat Stanley has arrived

December 31, 2007

I just wanted to let Jan & Princess know that Flat Stanley arrived in Arkansas last night. He was tired and slept very well to be in a strange place. He is just relaxing and getting to know us right now. However he does have something to tell Princess.

Princess, I want to let you know that my travels in Arkansas will take a little longer as I am going to a birthday party Saturday. Mz Freda’s grandson, Cade, will be 5 and I am invited. I am so excited. I will miss you but I will be on my way soon.


Happy New Year Everyone

December 31, 2007

Just a short note to tell  everyone I hope all of you have a Happy New Year. If you party tonight please be safe.

Mini Pinwheels

December 30, 2007

Today I sewed the third square to my leader-enders. Now I have 160 3 patches ready to sew into 9 patches. I am making progress on my zig zag nine patch. I also worked on my oriental quilt. In the center block there is 2 1/2 inch squares sewed to the corners, then the excess is trimmed off. That leaves the cutest little triangles that I just couldn’t throw away. I sewed 4 of them into the pinwheel block. I have a finished 3 inch block that I think is as cute as can be. Tell me what you think?


Dog Day Afternoon

December 30, 2007

You can tell by the new header what kind of day Jazzy thinks it is. Of course, she don’t know she is a D-O-G. It didn’t start off too well. I got up and of course the first stop is the bathroom. Do my business, flush, am washing my face when toilet makes a weird noise. hmmmmm  Water is running not stopping. Take the back of the tank off and yep, the fill valve is broken. Shoot! Get the water turned off. Good thing we have 2 bathrooms. We live in a rural part of the Ozark Mountains and the nearest Lowes or Home Depot is 60 miles away. We do have a couple hardware stores but it is Sunday, they are closed. Well, Walmart is only 16 miles away so that is where I go. They have it. WOOHOO

Today isn’t a good day for Lynn. He has chronic fatigue which could be caused from the coronary artery disease, the emphyzema or the brain tumor or a combination of all three. Never the less, between the two of us we are back in business. Now I think I will go sew some more. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Lazy Saturday

December 29, 2007

I have been lazy today. I have been working on my oriental themed quilt. I also have been doing the leaders and enders technique of Bonnie Hunter while sewing all those triangles.  One of these days I will have a zig zag nine patch quilt. We went and visited with our youngest son Kris. He travels all over doing electrical work. He wires in conveyer systems for big distribution centers. He will leave early in the morning going back to Lumberton, North Carolina. We really miss not seeing him very often. Well I guess you can tell I changed my blog. Maybe I can get a better pix of Lynn & Jazzy. Gotta go for now and get back to my cooking. I’m fixing ham & beans for supper. Yep, it is left over Christmas ham.

Back from Memphis

December 27, 2007

Lynn had a Drs. appointment today. His last MRI shows no new growth of the tumor. It will have to have something done with it, surgery or Gamma Knife Radiation, but it is not  life threatening at this time. It does cause a bunch of symptoms but they have time to make sure that he gets the best treatment for him. We are relaxing right now. It is a 257 mile round trip for us and we are always tired. Well. I’m gone for now. Have a great night.

Christmas Day Bounty

December 25, 2007

Well, I am truely thankful for what we have today. I hope all my family and friends have as good a day as we have had. Lynn is feeling fair today so life is good. Santa brought me 4 new pantos, Fantasia by Hermoine Agee, Baptist Fan by Kathie James, Holly & Ribbon by Patternman, and  Feathered Flowers by Deb Geissler. I also got diamond stud earrings, the Dale collector tin about Dale Earnhardt who I loved to watch. I was a huge fan. I got the Eagles new CD and the new Sue Grafton book, T Is For Trespass. She is one of my favorite authors.

Lynn is napping with Jazzy after filling his tummy. Not hers, she don’t get table food. We had spiral cut ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, deviled eggs, greenbean casserole,cranberry sause, homemade hot rolls, pumpkin and pecan pie. He may sleep the rest of the afternoon. lol

I have also included a couple pix. The first is Jazzy in her Christmas dress and her Christmas toy. The next is the two loves of my life, Lynn & Jazzy.

christmas-002.jpg             christmas-003.jpg

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.