Dog Day Afternoon

You can tell by the new header what kind of day Jazzy thinks it is. Of course, she don’t know she is a D-O-G. It didn’t start off too well. I got up and of course the first stop is the bathroom. Do my business, flush, am washing my face when toilet makes a weird noise. hmmmmm  Water is running not stopping. Take the back of the tank off and yep, the fill valve is broken. Shoot! Get the water turned off. Good thing we have 2 bathrooms. We live in a rural part of the Ozark Mountains and the nearest Lowes or Home Depot is 60 miles away. We do have a couple hardware stores but it is Sunday, they are closed. Well, Walmart is only 16 miles away so that is where I go. They have it. WOOHOO

Today isn’t a good day for Lynn. He has chronic fatigue which could be caused from the coronary artery disease, the emphyzema or the brain tumor or a combination of all three. Never the less, between the two of us we are back in business. Now I think I will go sew some more. Hope everyone is having a great day.

5 Responses to Dog Day Afternoon

  1. AllenQuilts says:

    I like your new header, too, Freda! Hope Lynn feels better tomorrow.

  2. Jan says:

    Hope everyone feels better tomorrow!! Thank goodness Walmart had the part!!! I’m the handyman at our house too 😉 I fixed the sink yesterday. At least it’s stuff we know how to fix right?!! 😀

  3. TeresaL says:

    Freda, I didn’t realize how much your Lynn has been going through. I knew, from LAC days, that he had been having heart problems, but did not know of the other diagnoses. What a difficult time it has been for both of you.

    Sending you my best. Jazzy seems to have the right idea, it is a snooze on the couch afternoon here.

    Glad you were able to get the part you needed for the toilet repair.

    Take care of you!

  4. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Teresa. Lynn was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in May of this year. It is a very complicated surgery to remove it and with all his other health problems the doctor isn’t sure what steps to take right now. Lynn has lost the hearing in his left ear, every thing he sees is jumping up and down, and he staggers like a drunk person. All this caused by the tumor. Maybe soon we will know the treatment best for him. His appointment last week showed no new growth and it isn’t life threatening at this time. It just causes a lot of symptoms.

  5. TeresaL says:

    These past couple of years have been very taxing on both of you with the health problems. I hope that 2008 will be a year of improved health, many blessings and much happiness for both of you!

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