Snow Day

January 31, 2008

We don’t get much snow but we have gotten 3 inches today. I have enjoyed the day because I have sewed all day!!!!. I very rarely get to do that. At least not on quilt stuff. I sew all day a lot of days in upholstery. I’m posting some pix.

This was taken looking out my studio window.


Jazzy isn’t sure she likes snow.


Jazzy again.


Today I sewed on the strips for Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Bargello that she is hosting Sunday. I couldn’t help but get a headstart. Here is one panel done.


Hope everyone has a great afternoon and evening.


Stripes & 9Patch quilt top done

January 30, 2008

I got my top done, now I need to find the time to get it quilted. I’m not real happy with my borders but it is what it is. I have been cutting strips for the Bonnie Hunter class Sunday. She has the directions on her website, I might even get some sewing done tomorrow. The pix is kind of blurry.


I just had to show this pix of Jazzy. She’s had a hard day.


Eleanor Burns Update

January 26, 2008

After one very busy week I got the center of my Stripes & 9Patch quilt sewed together. I like pressing the seams where the rows were sewn together and putting my borders on. I can’t wait. I think I’m going to do a Baptist Fan on it unless I change my mind. Here’s a pic of it. I really like the way it looks after the rows were sewn together.


I was called in to to work another day at the school. I had promised a lady whose Mother had died that I would clean her Mother’s townhouse. I was going to clean it Wednesday because family was coming to the home Sunday but got called to work. I ended up cleaning it Thursday after I got off from work at the school. After putting in 10 hours I was one tired puppy but when I make a promise I like to keep it.  I cleaned on my regular customers house today . I had to move her from Friday to today because I had to work at the school but now all my jobs are done. Yippee!

Lynn hasn’t had a good week. He fell Wednesday but luckily didn’t hurt himself. Sometimes he gets so dizzy that he falls. Last time he hurt is wrist and knee. Maybe next week will be better.

I had to dress up my avatar as we are going out to eat tonight. Guess I better go dress up myself. Hope everyone has a great weekend. 


January 22, 2008

I’m whining because I have not had time to work on my Eleanore Burns Stripes & 9Patch quilt. I am working 3 days at the school this week, trying to do some upholstery work and I have 2 houses to clean. I wish I had all the money I needed then I could quilt as long as I wanted to instead of working. Oh, well, more whining to come I’m sure! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and wouldn’t change anything. Except my husband’s health. I truely wish I could change that. I just wanted to vent.

Sunday Accomplishments

January 20, 2008

First thing this morning we got a surprise. Our youngest son, Kris, came to visit. We don’t get to see him very much as he travels doing electrical work. He leaves again tomorrow for Fulton, Mo but we sure did enjoy the time we had. I got my house work done. That’s a evil necessity. I have been needing a hair cut for a couple months but I like my hair a little long. However, it just sticks to my head and strings down like a mop, so I cut it today. At least it has some body to it now. I got all my blocks of my Stripes & 9Patch blocks sewed into rows. Now after I do a lot of pressing, I did mention lot, didn’t I?, I will be able to sew the rows together. Woohoo. I can’t wait. I am changing the border a little. The two fabrics I am going to use are both a busy print and I didn’t like them right together. So, I am going to use a muted print, kind of a tone on tone, strip between those two fabrics. I like the way it looks now. I finally got pix of Taylors finished quilt. Everything but the label. After she is born I will put all her information on it and put that on her quilt.


The panto I used is Feathered Flowers by Deb Geissler.


I just had to put in a pix of the two loves of my life. Sorry, it is a little blurry. Don’t Jazzy look cute in her red dress?


Well, I guess I’m going to do my dishes now. Hope everyone has had a great Sunday.

Drs. Appointments Explained

January 18, 2008

We live 125 miles from Memphis, Tn where Lynn goes to the VA. It is a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic. We usually leave 3 hours before the appointment because we usually have to stop at least once. We left this morning at 6:45. Our first appointment was at 9:45. We got in about 10:00. Not bad. We saw the GI doctor about his acid reflux. It went well. He is doing better. They have put him on new meds. He don’t have to sleep in the recliner as much. Then they decided they want to do a colonoscopy on him. A minor proceedure for most people. Not Lynn. He is on Plavix, a potent blood thinner for blockages to his heart. He can not be taken off blood thinner because of possible blockages in his stents. He has 6 of those.  SOOOOOO. I am going to have to give him 2 shots a day of Lovenox, a injectable blood thinner, not as strong as Plavix, for 5 days before the proceedure. I am not a doctor! They will show me how to give the shots. I’m not sure Lynn is real happy about this. We then had an appointment at 10:45 at the ENT. Ear, nose & throat doctor. This is a follow up so they can find out what the Neurosugeon told him about the tumor.We don’t get in there until 12:15! darn it! It really don’t take long there. Don’t know why they were running so late. We then have to go to outpatient xray to have both hands exrayed. The doctor wants to see if he may have rhematoid arthritis in his hands. He has flareups of swelling, redness and lots of pain. We get out of there right at 2. We get home at 25 to five. That likes 10 minutes being 10 hours. A very long day. Now we are recuperating. He was worn out when we got home so he’s already asleep. It’s not going to be long before I am too. Have a great night everyone.

You Make My Day

January 18, 2008


I have received the “You make my day award” from Jan D. and Randi. Thanks so much to both of you. I feel honored that anything I have to say means something to you. I read your blogs every day and love them. I’m supposed to pass this award to people whose blogs I read that make my day. Here are my picks. Jan, Randi, Gayle, Carla, Teresa, Ronda, Kay, Linda, Gina, Christine, Lynn. I’m sure I have forgotten someone. Everytime I read your blogs you make my day.