Work, work, work

I have been working at the SID office for our sub division this week. We are getting ready for an election of new commissioners and by law the election notices have to be mailed by January 15. I copied 1500 election notices, stamped return addresses on 1500 envelopes, and affixed 1500 mailing labels and stuffed the election notices in the envelopes. Thought I would never get those done. We also send out a newsletter in the same envelope. I got 800 newsletters printed on both sides, then the copier tore up. WAH WAH WAH The repair service has worked on it the last two days and it isn’t fixed yet. They are bringing a loaner tomorrow morning so we can get the other 700 newsletters printed. We have got the 800 stuffed in the envelopes, ready for postage. We will have to work this weekend to get the other 700 ready for postage and then put stamps on all of it. I will be glad to get this done. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

3 Responses to Work, work, work

  1. Jan says:

    OK… you can tell I’m a quilter… I see SID office and all I can think of is why does the subdivision have a stitch in the ditch office….. time for coffee or bed…. Hope you get it all done in time!!! If we were closer we would surely lend a hand.

  2. myolivebranch says:

    🙂 jan. i too read stitch in the ditch.

  3. freda1951 says:

    OK, I should have clarified. Suburban Improvement District. The office takes care of roads, lakes, collects taxes, is over the fire dept, things like that. Hope this helps guys.

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