Thanks Jan

OK, I got that pesky avatar. Thanks Jan, I finally found the export button. I have actually worn a pink poodle skirt. We belong to an antique car club and we are always doing stuff like that.

4 Responses to Thanks Jan

  1. Jan says:

    Oh that’s a fun one!! Good job!!! 😀

  2. myolivebranch says:

    look how cute you are!!!!

  3. Gayle says:

    Oh so cute! My sister had a pink poodle skirt in the 50s. I remember playing with the fuzz on the poodle and she slapped my hand. I think the skirt was felt. Geesh, hadn’t thought of that in 50 years! lol

    Did you happen to play with the new beach clothes in a special shop on the avatar site too? They didnt have any bikinis for fat girls like me.


  4. freda1951 says:

    They wouldn’t for me either Gayle. As you can see I changed my avatar and it looks more like me.

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