When Will It Stop?

So many things have been happening in our lives that I have finally asked, How much more do I have to take? Here is a warning that some of the photos may be disturbing. I hope this is the last time I have to post about something that has happened.

Saturday after we left the hospital where Lynn’s Mom died, we went to Sams and bought supplies then went to Cracker Barrel and ate. We got home around 6:30. It was dark so I left the truck running and the lights on while Jazzy did her business and I got the truck unloaded. When we were finished I reached in the truck to turn the key off and the truck started rolling backwards. We have a 2007 Dodge Dakota with less than 5000 miles on it. It shocked me and I pulled up on the gear shifter but it was in park and making a clicking noise. I don’t really know what happened between when it started rolling and I was on my stomach at the end of my driveway. I looked over my left shoulder and the tire wasn’t 6 inches from my head. It ran over my left arm, the rest of the way down our driveway, across the street, through a neighbors flower bed, hit their trellis and stopped about 3 feet from their house. I was lucky and I know I was. It came so close to my head, this incident could have had a lot worse ending. I went to the hospital and was xrayed from head to toe. I have mutiple abrasions and bruises. My left arm wasn’t broken just deep tissue bruising. I can’t seem to stop crying. I keep seeing that tire being right by my head. I’m showing some injury pix. If they are too disturbing I am sorry and will delete them. I just want to share what happened. We will be taking our truck to the dealer to find out what happened. Also thanks for all the kind words you had for us about Lynn’s Mothers death. She is finally at peace.

Tire treads on my arm.injuries-001.jpg

Same arm this morning.injuries-006.jpg

Right Kneeinjuries-003.jpg

Right Handinjuries-002.jpg

Left Leginjuries-005.jpg

I also have a bruise about 12 inches long by 3 inches wide across both hips. No picture of that, thank goodness.

I’m soory I sound so depressed, I hope this passes fast. Thanks for listening to me.

9 Responses to When Will It Stop?

  1. Jan says:

    Oh Freda!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful it wasn’t worse, but still….. ouch ouch ouch!!! And beyond that I’m speechless. I wish you and Lynn were closer so there was some way we could help you out a bit!!! Sending you more prayers, hugs and hopes for some calm.

  2. michele says:

    oh Freda, sending hugs from Australia. This too will pass. Thank goodnes the accisdent was not worse than that.

  3. AllenQuilts says:

    Oh Freda, dear Freda, I am so sorry. I cannot believe it. Bless your heart. Things really need to start looking up for you, don’t they?

  4. Gayle says:

    I am just shaking reading about the incident Freda. I am so sorry you have had even more to deal with. It sure seems like it has been an awful year for you.

    If there is anything at all I can do, will you email me and let me know?
    Get better soon! And try to rest and relax.


  5. freda1951 says:

    Thanks guys. I appreciate all your kind words and thoughts. I know the flashbacks are normal after a traumatic experience and I truely hope none of you experience it. I’m going to be strong and possibly when I don’t need the pain meds anymore will not be quite as emotional. Thanks again.

  6. TeresaL says:

    Oh Freda, I pray that this is the end of the hard things happening to you and your DH. Hugs to you.

  7. myolivebranch says:

    you poor thing. what a traumatic experience. so glad it wasn’t any worse.

  8. gomomma says:

    I hope your feeling better today. 🙂

  9. carlafibers says:

    Oh Freda… I am so sorry about your accident and about Lynn’s mom. You were indeed fortunate!

    My sister-in-law had a similar accident where the car started rolling back, drug her down the driveway and street, ran over her and did alot of damage. She had to be off work for 2 months.

    Hugs to you!

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