Update on Accident

I thought I would let you know how I’m doing today. I still can’t bend my right knee so I walk like Festus from Gunsmoke. My BIL has been calling me Hop A Long Grandma. I have terrible muscle spasms in my left arm. The doctor says it can be 2 weeks before I notice my arm feeling much better. I guess that isn’t too bad for having a 4000 pound vehicle roll over it. My hips have been hurting alot from the bruise across them. We took the truck to the dealer today. They kept it and gave us a Jeep to drive. Daimler Chrysler is sending their own inspector to look at it. There has been no reported problems with the 2007 Dakota so they will check it over good. As long as they fix it. I will post more later. Have a great night.

5 Responses to Update on Accident

  1. Jan says:

    Sending more prayers and hugs!!! And let us know if there is absolutely anything we can do. Just take it one moment at a time. Chocolate and feet up!!

  2. TeresaL says:

    Freda, I was glad to see that you felt okay enough to give an update. I would guess that the auto manufacturer is liable for all of the medical bills and damages from the truck’s transmission and brake not holding. I know you aren’t ‘sue happy’ or looking in that direction, but you are entitled to have your bills paid and the damages covered at the very least (just guessing, not an attorney nor do I play one on television 😉 ). Hope you are feeling better and less sore today.

  3. carlafibers says:

    My legal guesstimate says that the dealer’s inspectors will find nothing wrong because they are afraid of any potential liability. Oh my… that sounded jaded!! LOL!

    hope you continue to recover, Freda!!

  4. freda1951 says:

    I have a feeling you are right Carla. There has been problems with other Dakotas and I know there is a problem with one 07 no matter what they say.

  5. lindasteller says:

    OMG Freda – I’m so sorry you were hurt but, you’re right, this could have been so much worse. I hope you mend quickly. You injuries look so painful. God bless you.


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