Easter Eve

I’m still working on getting a MRI. I see my doctor Monday. Would you believe yesterday my glasses broke half in to? So I’m off to Walmart to see if they have some frames that will fit my lenses until I can get to my doctor. He’s not in on Saturdays of course. A few years ago I had a pair to break on a Sunday wouldn’t you know. Walmart came to my rescue that time so maybe they will this time.

I was able to quilt some on my  Scrappy Bargello yesterday. I can’t hold the handle with my left arm but I managed with my right to do some one handed quilting. I couldn’t stand to not quilt any longer. I am doing a freehand rose, leaf, swirl design. It belongs to me so if it isn’t perfect, who cares? Not me.


As with all of you I need another project like I need a hole in my head, buuuuuut, I can’t resist. I found this quilt in the April/May Quilt Magazine and I love it.


I ordered 2 pieces of fabric that is in the quilt in the picture to start my fabric stock pile, aren’t they pretty?


We have been told by the company that sold us our truck that it is going to be a long process before we can get it back. It has to go through steps by Chrysler to determine what happened. That’s all right with me as I don’t want it back if it’s going to run over someone else or me again. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and I’m sending you these pix as my gift to you for Easter. Please ignore the dead leaves in the background as I haven’t cleaned out the winter crud yet.




7 Responses to Easter Eve

  1. AllenQuilts says:

    Your rose quilting looks great!

  2. myolivebranch says:

    thank you freda for the easter blooms. they’re lovely. and no-one would ever guess that you were quilting one handed! happy easter to you 🙂

  3. Jan says:

    LOVE the fabric for the new quilt!!! And the quilting on the bargello looks wonderful! No one will ever know you did it one handed!! Hope your weekend relaxing and walmart has the frames!

  4. freda1951 says:

    I’m in business again, thanks to WalMart. I can seeeee!!!!

  5. carlafibers says:

    Love the daffodils and the quilts!

    I sure hope the company is giving you a loaner vehicle since they are running tests on your truck!!

    Glad you can see again, too!

  6. Christine Olson says:

    Your quilting looks terrific! Do you think quilting one-handed and knowing its a quilt of your own has made you relax? Your quilting lines look very relaxed and free flowing.

    Hope you get to have a SAFE loaner car for the interim.

    Enjoy the spring!

  7. lindasteller says:

    Hey Freda – I haven’t been on the boards much lately and am just checking up to see how you are doing. I hope you’re on the mend.


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