Sunday Catch Up

I see it’s been a week since I posted. Not a whole lot going on. I did manage to get my MRI, with the help of a 20mg Prozac and a 2 mg Ativan. I don’t really remember a whole lot of that afternoon and evening. I still haven’t received the results of that. I’m going to  be calling my doctor tomorrow. If there is nothing in the MRI I am going to ask for a referral to a Neurologist or Orthopedist because I have terrible muscle spasms. I have taken 2 rounds of muscle relaxers, 3 times a day for ten days, but I still have them. It may just be soft tissue damage but I would like to know. My arm is still swollen but at least the tire tracks are gone.

I also have another medical problem with my thyroid. I have a nodule on the left lobe of my thyroid and I have to have another type of ultrasound to see if it is cancer. This test will be given over 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday. I really don’t believe it is cancer because it has been there for at least 4 years. I really don’t notice that big knot in my neck unless I feel it or someone mentions it.

There hasn’t been a lot going on in the quilting part of my life. It seems to have slowed down some, but come to think of it, so have I.

We had 3 of the grandchildren over the weekend. Cody, Jacob and Kayla. They like coming up here, even Cody at 13, so we get them every chance we can because there will come a time they won’t want too. Maybe that day will be lots of years from now. Hope, hope.

I hope all of you are seeing signs of spring. It’s looking pretty around here. Lynn had to mow some grass yesterday, it had gotten so high. I still need to do some yard cleaning but my arm bothers me too much. Maybe before long I can get that done.

Well guess I’ll get off here and get my work done before the race, go, Jr., go!!! Hope all of you have a great Sunday.


6 Responses to Sunday Catch Up

  1. Jan says:

    I hope you get to the root of the arm issue now that you have the MRI done!! And I’ll keep you in my thoughts for your tests on Tues & Wed!! Hopefully the yard will grow slow until you feel like catching up with it. Have a good week Freda!!

  2. TeresaL says:

    Freda, I’m so sorry to read that you are still having problems.

    I’m glad your doctor found a way (medications) that helped you get through the MRI experience.

    You’ll continue to be in my thoughts.

  3. lindasteller says:

    Freda – I’m sorry you’re still having those muscle spasms. I hope they find a way to give you relief for that. Do get that thyroid checked. Thyroid cancer is generally one of the most slow growing, so it is generally survivable, but you never know about these things. I wish you the very best.


  4. freda1951 says:

    Thanks guys. I don’t know what is wrong with my arm, all I know is it hurts. I checked at the doctors today for MRI results but they aren’t in yet. I really don’t think it is cancer but will let you know when I hear. Thanks again.

  5. carlafibers says:

    Hi Freda, hopefully, you can get the health issue resolved… and that the thyroid is not malignant!! Sending healing hugs your way…

  6. Christine Olson says:

    I hope you are starting to feel better and that the thyroid thing turns out to be nothing.

    Hope you had a terrific time with the grandkids and enjoy the signs of spring!

    We have signs of spring but it’s still pretty gray, wet and cold. Yuck. It could be worse; we could be shoveling snow! LOL!

    Keep us posted on what you find out about the arm. Makes me shudder to think what a close call that was for you.

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