Beautiful Sunday

The sun is shining so pretty today. It’s a little cool but very nice anyway. Nothing much is going on here. My arm hurts too much to go visiting so home it is. That’s all right with me as I love being home. Lynn is taking good care of me. I do feel guilty as I can’t do anything but PT yet and I have always worked. Maybe soon I can.

On the quilting front, I didn’t get my Elenore Burns quilt done before surgery so it is still not finished. Maybe I can get back to it soon. I have all these new quilts running through my head so I guess that is quilting, huh? My story and I’m sticking to it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I love all of you who visit me.

6 Responses to Beautiful Sunday

  1. carlafibers says:

    Glad you are on the mend now, Freda! You have been through the wringer! Hugs, Carla

    PS: keep a sketch book by you so you can draw or write down all those ideas! Trust me on this…

  2. TeresaL says:

    Freda, it sounds like you are okay with having a quiet day at home…I hope you enjoy a painfree day.

  3. Jan says:

    I’m glad you are taking it easy!!! Take your time nad let it heal up right!! Enjoy your relaxing afternoon!!

  4. freda1951 says:

    I love quiet days Teresa. Carla thanks for the tip. I put a pad by my chair. Yep, Jan, I am relaxing…. and taking it easy….and why can’t there be more on TV besides Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? Oh well, he does take care of me. Have a great day everyone.

  5. rondabeyer says:

    Take it easy and listen to that shoulder, rest, take your meds and move it as much as you can bear….. It does get better, but it is a slow go, enjoy your down time, you deserve it…. Think of you often Freda…

  6. Christine Olson says:

    Dear Freda, I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Sorry to hear that you are in such pain. Hope you start to heal quickly and get back to your quilting.

    Isn’t it always when you can’t do something, that you want to do it the most!

    Take care, friend!

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