Beautiful Day

It sure has been pretty here lately. I love spring. I have been able to sew some. Not in upholstery just small quilting stuff. I almost have a lap size top done. I will post a pic when it’s done.

I had to go to the doctor today. One of my small incisions got infected. I was put on antibiotics Friday and he wanted to see me today. It looks good now. The antibiotics are working. I go to therapy for 2 more months and also no working for 2 more months. Hope our money holds out.

Recovery from shoulder surgery is a very slow process. I didn’t realize it would take so long. I thought in a week or so I would be right back to doing everything I always had and that is not the case but I’m making good progress, just seems so slow.

I can’t use my quilting machine yet, dress myself or sleep in my bed. It’s a good thing we have a comfortable recliner and couch as Lynn sleeps on it so I won’t be by myself. Jazzy loves it cause she gets to sleep with Lynn. Today is Lynn’s birthday. He is 58 now. He says that is old but I don’t think so since I am 56!

Well, I have to go for now. Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I will try my best to do better. Have a great week everyone.

9 Responses to Beautiful Day

  1. Jan says:

    Oh I am so glad you were able to curb the infection quickly!!!! Those recliners are just life savers aren’t they?! Take it easy. Better than having the surgery a second time. At least that’s what I keep saying around here šŸ˜‰ And 56 or 58 is NOT old! Happy birthday Lynn!!

  2. freda1951 says:

    Lynn says thanks Jan. I am glad we got the infection stopped. I DO NOT want a second surgery. Have a great day. Hope CB is doing good.

  3. AllenQuilts says:

    Freda…you don’t worry about not posting…you just take care of you…we will all still be here…Get well!

  4. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Randi. What would I do without all my online friends? I love you all.

  5. TeresaL says:

    I missed you and wondered how you were doing. I’m sorry I didn’t write to ask about you while you were quiet so you’d know you were on my mind. I’m glad you caught the infection before it became more difficult to treat and hope you’ll soon be given the go ahead to get back to your quilting machine. HB to your Lynn, too!

  6. myolivebranch says:

    happy birthday lynn and take care of you freda! glad you jumped on that infection right away.

  7. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Teresa and Kay. I’m doing pretty good. The antibiotic worked so I’m on the mend.

  8. carlafibers says:

    Thinking of you, Freda! How are you today?

  9. freda1951 says:

    Carla, I have actually got to sleep in my bed the last 3 nights. I have to sleep with my arm draped over a pillow but I am laying down! For 4 weeks I slept in a recliner. I can now put on my own bra and shirt. That sounds odd from a 56 year old but for 4 weeks I couldn’t do that. Thanks for asking about me.

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