Jazzy is Home!!!!

How can you become so attached to eight pounds of energy and fur? I know you animal lovers know what I am talking about. Jazzy is home, still on medication, but home anyway. She had a pretty severe intestinal infection for some reason. The vet said it could have been something she ate, think bugs or mushrooms, but also might have not been. Anyway she is with us and thanks to all of you who commented and said prayers for her.

8 Responses to Jazzy is Home!!!!

  1. Jan says:

    I am so glad she is home!!!!!!! I know exactly what you mean!!!

  2. TeresaL says:

    This is good news! Glad to read that she is back home and feeling better.

  3. freda1951 says:

    Thanks so much guys.

  4. lindasteller says:

    Freda – I’m so glad she’s home and doing better. What an adorable little dog. I was so sorry to hear she was sick. Hopefully, she’ll be back to playing (and begging) again soon.

  5. beccaak says:

    Oh my gosh I am SO glad she is home! Poor Jazzy. Our little Pom ate a mushroom last year and scared the daylights out of me. ((((((hugs))))))

  6. freda1951 says:

    Thanks guys. She is doing much better and begging.

  7. carlafibers says:

    How is Jazzy doing now?? I hope she made a full recovery!

  8. freda1951 says:

    Carla, Jazzy made a full recovery and is back to her old self. We check for mushrooms every day just in case that is what made her sick. Thanks for asking about her.

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