Nice Weekend

We have had a rather laid back, lazy weekend. Yesterday there was a picnic at the lake for the residents. A real estate company that sells a lot of houses in our subdivision hosts the picnic every year as a thank you. They furnish BBQ and all the stuff that goes with it and the residents takes a dish to share. There was over a hundred people there and all I had to cook was brownies. Worked for me. There was also a band and I managed to get three dances from my dear hubby. Nothing fast for him but I love to slow dance with him. He told the band he didn’t remember the songs being as long as they were playing them. Of course everyone laughed at that.

Today was mostly laundry and house cleaning. I did manage to get the binding on my nine patch and stripes. Now it is done. Yippee!

I made a sausage quiche earlier and Lynn and I have eaten it for lunch and supper. I had a peach with mine. Lynn thought that was weird. Tasted good to me.

We will be leaving Wednesday on a little camping trip so I will be offline from Wednesday to next Sunday. I just checked the weather and it is supposed to be gorgeous next week. We might even catch a few fish.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

6 Responses to Nice Weekend

  1. Jan says:

    That sounds like tons of fun!!! Glad you all got to make it! I hope you ate some brownies for me!! 😀 Camping sounds like a good time too!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  2. TeresaL says:

    Freda, it is great to see an update from you. The picnic and dancing sounds like it was fun. I hope you have a great time camping (and that the weather will be wonderful for you, too).

  3. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Jan and Teresa. Hopefully we will catch lots of fish.

  4. beccaak says:

    Glad your weekend was so fun. That barbecue sounds right up my alley. Or maybe it was the brownies.hmmmm. Have fun camping! We will miss you!

  5. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Becca. Wouldn’t you know that the school called for me to work Wednesday and a half day Friday? We are still going, I will just have a little further to drive. I’m not going to let work mess up our camping trip.

  6. beccaak says:

    Good for you! Although drive careful!

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