Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2008

I want to tell all of you Happy Thanksgiving. Lynn and I will be leaving in the morning for Section, Alabama as my BIL Ted McGaugh died yesterday from liver cancer. Try not to eat too much. I won’t be home until Monday afternoon so I will be quiet.


What a week

November 20, 2008

This is going to be one of the saddest post I have ever done. Some of you know that a good friend of ours, Randall Tate, died Sunday morning from pancreatic cancer. Lynn’s oldest sister, Mary, who lives in Section, Alabama has had to put her husband,Ted, in the hospital at Huntsville. He has liver cancer, the tumor is the size of a small basketball. He is in ICU and they don’t expect him to live very long. Mary wants to take him home and with the help of Hospice let him be at home when his time on this earth is done. I can’t even imagine how she is going to get through this. We visited them in August so I will have those good memories.

As if that isn’t enough another friend, Danny, who is in our car club was diagnosed yesterday with carcinoma lung cancer. I guess as we get older, I am 57, we all have friends and relatives that pass away but they just seem so young. I’m not ready to let any of them go but I don’t guess we ever are.

Thanks for letting me talk about this.

Butterfly Award

November 17, 2008

I received this award from Becca. Thanks so much Becca.


I’m sure some of you will receive this award many times but please know you all deserve it.

So here are the rules.

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

1. Becca I love reading her blog as she has the coolest stuff she makes.

2. Jan She is the hardest working woman I know. It is unbelievable all she gets done. I admire her so much.

3. Carla She is a very talented lady and I love seeing all the things she creates.

4. Randi  I have really enjoyed watching Randi’s quilting progress to where it is day. She is a wonderful quilter.

5. Gayle She does amazing work and is a very good photographer. I love seeing all her pictures.

6. Bonnie She is a very generous person and makes the most awesome quilts. I don’t know how she gets all she does done.

7. Judy L She shares so much on her blog. She is also a fabulous cook.

8. Vicki She makes gorgeous quilts and her tie dying is amazing.

9. Ronda Without a doubt she does the most gorgeous quilts I have ever seen.

10. Judy W She has beautiful quilts and her painting is gorgeous. She is a very talented lady.

All you ladies deserve all the awards you get. I always check for updates on your blog several times a day.

Thank you Becca

November 16, 2008

Thanks Becca for the award. I will pass it along soon.

WIP Wednesday

November 5, 2008

Over on MQR Suzanne has restarted the Work In Progress Wednesday. Here is some of my WIP.


This is my Twirling leaves and logs quilt that I have been working on. I’m doing all over freehand swirls. I like the way it is turning out.

As if I needed to start another project I have been getting fabrics together for a quilt running through my head but wouldn’t you know, I changed directions. I saw  a Cobblestones quilt and fell in love with it so here is the start of those blocks.


I think I will go make some more blocks. I like the way they look.

Some of you know that I do upholstery. Right now I am working on a 1965 Chevelle. When I am making seat covers parts of the covers is sewed to 1/2 inch foam. Today when I got it sewed to foam I noticed that I liked the colors together.


Don’t that red look pretty on that pretty pink foam? Of course all that pretty pink foam will be trimmed and you won’t see it. Sigh.

Here they are after all the pieces are sewed together.wip-wednesday-008

These covers are for the bottoms of the front seats. If any old car buffs are looking at these and think they look like the covers for a 1964 Chevelle, you are right. However that is what the customer wanted. Apparently he doesn’t like the design on the 65.

If you have ever wandered what stuff looks like when I get it, here it is.wip-wednesday-009

Yep, both front seats looked just like that. Yuck, they sure are a mess but they will look good before too long.

I hope you have enjoyed all my  WIP. Have a great day everyone.

Some Arkansas Beauty

November 3, 2008

I thought I would share some of the beautiful scenery that I get to enjoy. I can’t imagine living anywhere else but right here. Of course, I know you probably feel the same about your little part of the world. Also the wind is supposed to be 30 to 35 mile an hour Wednesday and there won’t be any leaves left on the trees.

This is standing in my driveway looking West. Those are my two crape myrtles and I noticed one is turning orange and yellow and the other has more red. They are both pink so I don’t know why they are different. Hummmmmm  Also in the pic is my evil truck. Now I know the truck is not actually evil but it may as well be as I am scared of it. I don’t think I can get rid of it and take a chance it might run over someone else. What if it ran over a child? I couldn’t live with that. I know to take precautions with it and I am very careful.

This is looking across my front yard. The hickory trees actually look a lot brighter than in this picture. Since we live in a rural area the satellite is just part of the yard art. When all the leaves fall we will have to pick them up but that is all right. We love living in the woods.

We are enjoying temps in the 70’s but we have had frosts as you can tell by looking at my Cannas.

I still have a few petunias blooming but they will be gone before long. I hope you enjoyed the tour around my house. I hope everyone has a great week.