Holiday Goodies

O.K., I’m sure some of you have done some holiday baking. I’m going to share what I have done and would love to hear from you.

Here is the pecan pies, Lynn’s favorite and a butter pecan cake, my youngest son’s favorite.


Tomorrow I will make the coconut pies, my oldest son’s favorite and fudge for everyone. How is your holiday preparations coming along?

Some of you know that I am starting a Scrappy Maple Leaf applique quilt. I got to work on it some today. Here is a couple blocks.


I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, Stay safe and warm wherever you are.

4 Responses to Holiday Goodies

  1. kayp says:

    those look great freda! i have made some fudge and have more to make. tomorrow will be chili and oyster stew and christmas day will be a quiche for breakfast.

  2. Jan says:

    YUMMMMMM!! I’m coming right over 😉 Those look great!! The quilt looks good too!! I need to take the ham out of the freezer…. and decide if I’m baking a pie or not….

  3. freda1951 says:

    Come on Jan, we will feed you good. I’ve been reading about your fudge Kay. It all sounds good.

  4. carlafibers says:

    Freda, Love your maple leaf quilt!! What magazine did you find it in?? Hugs, C

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