Poor Little Boy

My niece sent me a picture of Chad’s arm. He pulled a skillet of grease off the stove last Tuesday and burned his arm, chest, stomach, leg and the tops of his feet. The arm has the worst burn on it. Thank Goodness he wasn’t burned worse than he was.. I hope the pix don’t offend anyone.


13 Responses to Poor Little Boy

  1. Suzanne says:

    oh! that poor sweet guy!

  2. AllenQuilts says:

    Oh dang, Freda! I can’t even stand to think about it! Ouch!

  3. Jan says:

    ouch ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!! Saying more prayers… his poor mama needs some prayers too!!!! Sending healing thoughts!!!

  4. Freda Henderson says:

    Everytime I look at that picture it feels like my heart turns over. I hope he don’t remember how much this hurt him. His mom and dad could use your prayers. He likes to pull his bandages off and his uncle threatened to super glue his right hand to his behind to keep him from pulling them off. It’s a good thing Chad don’t know what that means! Just to let you know his uncle was just joking.lol

  5. Sharon Dixon says:

    Oh Freda, that poor little fella! My heart just aches for him and it’s painful to even see his arm….I can’t imagine what it must be like for him.

  6. Karen Anderson says:

    Poor baby! Just looking at it hurts me…I can’t imagine how much it must hurt him and his parents.

    Karen A.

  7. myolivebranch says:

    oh. that just makes my heart hurt. i wish he could heal quickly and without pain. oh.

  8. freda1951 says:

    Thanks everyone. Chad’s Mother says it healing nicely but they are having to do therapy on his arm to keep it from contracting.

  9. Becca says:

    I have cried everytime I see this picture. That poor baby. I send him and his parents lots of hugs and prayers. Thank you for the update.

  10. Oh my goodness, Freda! That poor little guy! Please update us as he heals.

  11. wendysquilting says:

    how scary and painful! sending hugs and prayers

  12. Marissa says:

    Hi I have been looking up burns storys as my 3 year old son got his arm cought in a treadmill a week go and has ended up with a nasty burn that looks the exact same as your nephews. Did he have to have skin grafts done..? we see the surgeon on tuesday 😦 has he ended up with a nasty scar..? Im so scared for my little boy

  13. freda1951 says:

    Marissa, I am so sorry about your son. Chad didn’t have to have skin grafts. He wore a type of pressure bandage for several months and he has slight scarring but nothing bad and it sure hasn’t slowed him down. He is still a live wire.lol I hope your son does all right with what ever treatment they decide he needs.

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