Spring Fling and some Bling

April 20, 2009


Well maybe I exagerated about the fling but just wanted to share some spring pix of plants around my house.

First is the dogwood outside my studio window. We have several dogwoods but this one is my favorite.


Next is my purple azalea. I love this color.

I think you see it every year but here it is again.


Here is the red azalea. I think the ice storm got to it some. It needs some serious pruning.


Now for the bling part of my post, check out my new Crocs. I love Croc shoes but I wish I wouldn’t get so many emails showing all the new styles and colors. Shoes are one of my weaknesses along with fabric and books and no telling what else.


Aren’t they cute?

Well I guess that is about it. Lynn and I are going to Mountain View, Ar this Thursday so I can take a beginning medical terminology class at a community college there. We have some friends there we will visit with too. I’m looking forward to that. I will be back Saturday for work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend.


Happy Easter Everyone

April 12, 2009

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Easter.

Here is Jazzy in her new Easter dress.


Isn’t she cute? Have a wonderful day.

Time sure flies

April 8, 2009

I just saw that it has been over a month since I last posted. It seems all I do is work, either here or at the clinic. I think I will slow down some cause I haven’t been able to quilt much. WAAAHHH!!!!!! I also have too many projects going. Why don’t I just finish what I am working on before wanting to do something else?  Because I am scatterbrained I guess.

Here is some pix of some things I have been messing around with, not any of them that is finished.

This is a pix of a free quilt pattern from the Robert Kaufman website called Silent Beauty. I want to finish this one for my SIL whose DH died last year. She will love it.


I made blocks for Karen and loved how fast they made up so I had to make a few to see how they looked. I’m kinda thinking about these for a new quilt for our bed.


A couple days ago Suzanne show a quilt she had made over the weekend. Of course I had to order the pattern. It is Slideshow by Atkinson designs. I see this made from gorgeous Batiks. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?


Well, I need to get ready to go to work and I hope to not wait so long before posting again. I sure hope everyone has a great week whatever you are doing.