Update on Surgery for Lynn

August 30, 2009

I think Lynn has too many doctors cause somehow his ENT doctors that told us he would be having surgery forgot to tell the surgeon!!!! For the last month we have been waiting on what we thought was a surgery date for Lynn’s tumor. Friday we had an appointment with the surgeon and he was, wait a minute, we need to look this over some more. I do want the surgeon to be comfortable with his decision, cause it is major surgery, I just wished we had not been told the surgery was happening now. We were all ready, had the plans that a person has to make for someone under going surgery, time off from work for me and our two sons, neighbors to watch after the house, neighbors to check on Lynn after he got home so I could work, the boarding kennel lined up, the whole drill. When we saw the surgeon it was like being hit in the stomach with a fist. It just knocks the breath out you. Well, what happens now is on our mind. The surgeon is putting him on medication to help control the spinning vertigo until a decision is made. He may not do surgery at all but do the Gamma Knife radiation. He is consulting with Lynn’s Neurosurgeon to make a decision. Lynn is of the mind set that he wants the tumor out of his head instead of radiation but that may not happen.

Please know that we do want what is best for Lynn and not rush the surgeons decision but we feel as if ENT was ahead of their selves when they told us he was fixing to have the surgery. Like I said too many doctors not on the same page.

So what are we too do? Well we are taking the camper and going to our favorite camping spot. We will just be gone from Tuesday morning to Thursday morning but we will enjoy it. Hope all of you do something you enjoy this week.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Wow, it has been a long time

August 12, 2009

Time sure gets away from me when it comes to blogging. I work 5 nights a week and my two days off are during the week so most of the time I don’t even feel like I have had days off. I love my job put sometimes it feels all consuming.

Lynn has had a lot of spinning vertigo the last few months caused by the brain tumor. We saw the doctor last week and now we are waiting on a surgery date. The neurosurgeon feels it needs to come out now as the symptoms have increased and we know the tumor is growing. The neurosurgeon wants an otologist, ear surgeon, to do the surgery and it is taking some time to get everyone involved scheduled. As soon as I know someting I will let my online friends know.

I have been doing quiet a bit of piecing on my days off and I am loving it. I can sit and sew but I can’t stand up to quilt because of my knee. I see my orthopediest tomorrow and I do hope that he can help this pain I have been in for three months. Last year was the year of the shoulder pain and this year is the year of the knee pain. Hopefully next year won’t be a year of any pain.

I finished my Terri W inspired quilt today so I am going to post it as my WIP. I love how it turned out.

WIP 005 

I have another one running through my brain to start on next.

Here is a pic of Jazzy that we see every morning. It shows exactly how much she loves her food.

WIP 004

Her food is good to the last drop cause she licks that bowl clean every morning.

Well, I guess that is all I have for now. I hope everyone has a great week. I’m off to fix a coconut pie for supper cause that’s what Lynn thinks he wants. His wish is my command. lol