We have a treatment plan

November 24, 2009

Lynn saw the neurosurgeon today and Lynn’s brain tumor will be treated with gamma knife radiation.  This isn’t the treatment Lynn wanted, he wanted that tumor out of his head, but this is the safest with his heart problems and emphyzema. He will have it at the Methodist hospital in Memphis, Tn. We aren’t sure of the date at this time, hopefully we will know sometime next week. The neurosurgeon said most radiation is done in one day, some are given over a period of several days. After 2 1/2 years we are very glad to get treatment started. The goal of the radiation is to kill and shrink the tumor but it isn’t a fast process. Lynn is a strong person and he will make it through this. Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers over this 2 1/2 year trip.


My name is Freda and I am a terrible blogger

November 19, 2009

I’m terrible at keeping my blog updated. I love reading everyone’s blog and do several times a day but I’m terrible at keeping up with my own. There isn’t enough hours in the day anymore.

Some of you have asked about Lynn. We see the neurosurgeon next Tuesday. His tumor has grown 2 more millimeters since March so our thoughts is some treatment will probably be talked about but we never know. He is also having angina again, stable angina this time, which could mean he is trying to get another blockage. He will get another chemical stress test and see the cardiologist. Also one of his heart meds was changed because his blood pressure had gotten way to low.

I have also had a medical problem and had a test done yesterday. I have blood work done every three months to monitor my thyroid. When the blood work was done in October it showed I was anemic so my doctor ordered the occult(hidden blood) stool sample. I was positive for blood in two different samples. Yesterday was my colonoscopy she ordered. Joy, joy. I had a polyp which was removed and sent to the lab and 2 hemorroids. The doctor didn’t think the polyp was cancerous but we will have to wait on the lab results to be sure. Why is there always something going on? lol

We will go to our cabin after we get home from the doctor next Tuesday and hunt until sometime Thanksgiving day when we will have to come home as I work the day shift on Friday. That will be all the hunting we will get to do. We went over the weekend but Lynn or I didn’t see a deer. Turkeys, squirrells and birds were all we saw. There was some in our group that did get a deer.

I know everytime I post to my blog it is like a medical journal but somehow that has become our normal routine. We used to never have medical problems but now it seems like there is something every time we turn around. I hope all of you are healthy and stay that way!

I also hope all of you have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.