A new project and a storage tip

January 25, 2010

Why do I get these ideas running through my head? I had this idea of a burgundy and light blue quilt so you know I had to try it. So far I have used 1 1/2 yards of each color. The pattern is just a nine patch and plain squares of fabric on point. The blue is washed out in the picture

Also here is a storage tip. Some of you may already do this, if so just ignore it. We buy a lot of stuff from Sams and I buy spinach in these clear plastic containers. I have been using them to store projects or cut fabric in. They stack nicely and hold a lot of stuff.

Lynn is doing pretty good. He is still having weakness that just don’t seem to go away. He has never had weakness like this. We see the cardiologist Friday if we can get there. We are supposed to have freezing rain and snow. Hopefully we will be able to go.

 Hope everyone has a great week.


Lynn is in the hospital

January 18, 2010

Just wanted to let everyone know that Lynn is in the hospital. He passed out at home yesterday morning, I was working the day shift, he called me at work a few minutes before 8 am and told me had passed out but he was all right but I didn’t think so cause his speech wasn’t right. So I called an ambulance and had him taken to St. Bernards hospital in Jonesboro. He has had a mini stroke but he is doing much better. His speech is back to normal and the left side of his mouth isn’t drawn now. I came home to take a shower, get clean clothes and go back. He is also have some problems with his heart rate going up and down. I don’t mean just a little flucuation. When they are checking his blood pressure his heart rate will go up and down so fast on the machine that sometimes you can’t read the numbers. About six weeks ago his doctors took him off  his Atenolol that he has been on about 4 years because it was making his blood pressure to low and put him on another one. They are working at getting his heart rate stabelized. I came home home for a little while and will going back shortly. I will update whenever I can.

If you get a chance go see Suzannes blog. She is having a giveaway.

I have a design wall, I have a design wall

January 4, 2010

Yes, I am singing it. I have never been able to have a design wall because of the way my room is laid out. There is a 9 foot window across the front of the house, which is the north side, a twelve foot window on the east side behind my quilting machine, twelve feet of closets on the south side at the end of my quilting machine and a six-foot opening going into my studio. That leaves a two foot space that I have a table to hold some of my junk stuff, and six feet on the other side where my computer desk and printer stand is.

I believe it was somebody on MQR that gave me this idea. I am so sorry but I don’t remember who. If you recognise your  idea, please let me know.

These are my closet doors.

Here is my design wall.

Isn’t it awesome. Underneath the design wall is another set of closet doors exactly like in the first pix. All I did was to to put 6 small white paneling nails above the closet trim.  They blend in with the wall and you would have to look very close to see them. I bought a 60×120 inch table cloth at Walmart for $3.50 and a pack of binder clips for $1.50. You might can find the supplies cheaper but Walmart was where I was at. I did cut about 10 inches of the tablecloth off as it was a little long. When I need to use the closet door we just fold the tablecloth back. Luckily those doors aren’t used very often.

I love it and now I can do Judy Laquidara’s Design wall Monday. Now, what is on your design wall? I hope someone knows whos idea this is so they can get the credit.

It is snowy and cold here, all though, I know some of you have lots more snow and cold and wouldn’t you know the four wheel drive in my truck is making a noise? Go figure. I hope everyone stays warm and dry.