Lynn is in the hospital

Just wanted to let everyone know that Lynn is in the hospital. He passed out at home yesterday morning, I was working the day shift, he called me at work a few minutes before 8 am and told me had passed out but he was all right but I didn’t think so cause his speech wasn’t right. So I called an ambulance and had him taken to St. Bernards hospital in Jonesboro. He has had a mini stroke but he is doing much better. His speech is back to normal and the left side of his mouth isn’t drawn now. I came home to take a shower, get clean clothes and go back. He is also have some problems with his heart rate going up and down. I don’t mean just a little flucuation. When they are checking his blood pressure his heart rate will go up and down so fast on the machine that sometimes you can’t read the numbers. About six weeks ago his doctors took him off  his Atenolol that he has been on about 4 years because it was making his blood pressure to low and put him on another one. They are working at getting his heart rate stabelized. I came home home for a little while and will going back shortly. I will update whenever I can.

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6 Responses to Lynn is in the hospital

  1. Jan says:

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!! Don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything else we can do!

  2. deb levy says:

    Thinking of you both Freda.

  3. freda1951 says:

    Thanjs Jan and Deb. There has been a change in plans tonight. My oldest son, Brent, is staying the night with his dad and I’m going to sleep in my bed, a lot more comfortable that the recliner I slept in last night.

  4. Christine Olson says:

    Dearest Freda, I am so sorry to hear of Lynn’s latest crisis. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, two. Be sure to take care of yourself. You are no good to Lynn if you get ill, too.

    God bless.

  5. Sharon Dixon says:

    Freda, I’m sorry to hear of the latest development with Lynn. I’m glad that your son is staying with him tonight. It will help you a lot if you can sleep in your own bed and I know you need the rest. Keep us posted. I’ll be thinking of both of you.

  6. Jan says:

    I hope you got better sleep last night!! Drive safe!! Sending you all hugs & prayers still!!

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