Another post, woohoo I’m on a roll.

I am trying real hard to not ignore my blog. I am also trying to ignore this pain my gallbladder is causing. Hope I can make it till the 20th cause it is coming out!

I love string quilts and have wanted one for a long time. I have started a few with different techniques but it never gets done. I just can’t sew it to paper then strip all that paper off. I admire people that can but it isn’t for me. I have sewed it to the thinnest muslin I can find and then it is too thick, hence the never getting done part. I found a pattern on Hancocks of Paducah website, free to download, that looks like a string quilt but is actually strips sewed together, then sewed into a tube, then cut with a triangle ruler. I love it and it has gone pretty fast. You can click pic to enlarge.

I have all the blocks done and hope to be able to sew some more later today. I probably won’t get to sew tomorrow or Friday as Lynn has Doctor appointments.

Hope everyone is getting to do something they love and hope all of you have a great week.

7 Responses to Another post, woohoo I’m on a roll.

  1. sharon spingler says:

    Love the string quilt…especially how the striped fabric looks pieced.

  2. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Sharon. I used a Howard Marcus jelly roll and some strips from the two border fabrics. I had two jelly roll strips left. I love how it is looking.

  3. Jan says:

    Love the string quilt!! Crossing my fingers for your surgery!!

  4. freda1951 says:

    Thanks Jan. I am ready for it! I don’t like the pain or the nausea! Have to watch what I eat very carefully. I hope everything is good for you and Princess. Sean seems to be a keeper and very lucky to have you and Princess! lol

  5. Jan says:

    Thanks Freda!! I remind him how lucky he is at least once a day LOL I think I remember that sweets, fried food and anything high fat content tend to irritate it more. Which would make me one very cranky person….. hang in there!

  6. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful quilt, perfect for the fall weather! I hope your surgery goes well, and that Lynn is feeling better soon!

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